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Thank you for your interest in line dance beginners course.

Line Dance is a modern form of country western dance. Although these two words have always assumed that this is dancing with hat, boots and chaps, line dance is danced almost everywhere but only with normal casual wear. Mimics the music rather those of the current charts and evergreens. But there are also many country music line dances. It is a matter of taste and with us everyone is free! In his opinion freely and free with its taste. With us, no one is forced to do something or "convinced".

If you interested about history of line dance then follow this link:
What is Linedancing

Currently running a beginners course in line dancing

Wednesdays 8 p.m

This course began on September 25th

Should you have missed the deadline do not panic, a later entry into an ongoing course is possible at any time. A 'dance class' lasts two hours and costs as always 8 € pp in the evening. All regular line dance classes take place in TIMELESS. There are courses in all levels of difficulty. Any participation is absolutely not binding and without warranty! It caused no similar commitments through treaties I answer like more information by telephone: +49-160-93240146 and Email: ronnygrabs@live.de

About your applications I would be happy, but it is not a must! I hope we see you!

All Dance classes are led by Ronnie Grabs



Hi, I'm Ronnie. Frontman in Berlin Fire-Line and responsible for dance classes. I am not a trained dance teacher, but I regularly take part in competitions.

More information: Ronnie Grabs