The Way To Us

Weg beschreibungby public transport:

S7, S75, tram M8, bus 18 or 194 to S-Bahn station "Springpfuhl". From the S-Bahn in the direction to tram but run under the "Allee der Kosmonauten" run through and use the last stairs. Here then are the stops of the tram and the bus. The "Allee der Kosmonauten" walk about 130 meters towards Aldi Market (not the 6 lane B-158, that running parallel to the S-Bahn!). Go down the stairs before Aldi. At the foot of the stairs, right on the back of Aldi, is the entrance into the "Kloster Garden" and to TIMELESS.

by private transport:

By car / motorcycle at the intersection of "Allee der Kosmonauten" corner "Marzahner Chaussee" drive towards Aldi. Whether your parked in the parking lot of the "Aldi Market" or not, is up your own responsibility. From this parking lot, no one has yet been tow away. But you can also go behind the tall buildings and park there (see map left the big "P" sign). Then You walk the small way behind the "Aldi market" along.

Warning: Navigation devices programm for secure: "Marzahner Chaussee 194, 12681 Berlin". Or you will be piloted wrong, to industrial area!