The SOLOdance project ...


... was founded in 2013 by the five-time world champion Joachim Armbruster. It is an affiliation of established in England by the World Dance Masters "SoloStyleDance."

At SOLOdance all dancer dance the same choreography and dance together at the same time on the same song. The choreographies are known and consistently worldwide. Due to the extreme diversities and the fact that one does not need a partner, you feel free in his moves and is unbound to 100%.

It represented a wide variety of dance styles:

From Waltz, Cha Cha on, Hip Hop, Lyrical up to Tango, Jazz and West Coast Swing, everything is represented.

Now some will think, "Oh ... Line Dance with a new name." But this is not quite true. The most line dancers in the world do not dance line dance choreographies, but (sorry love Linedancer) run actually only wrote down the steps from. To dance but has 2 pillars! The first is the choreography that you wrote down steps. Without this you could not form a unity with other people on the dance floor. But to dance is necessary also the second Piers. And this is at least as important as the second Pillar is the dance technique that motion, the rhythm, the timing, but also the balance, the attitude and charisma. Without this it is not a dance, more a run, standing 'or whatever.

SOLOdance is exactly the approach here. You learn from the first Time to clean technique, and how to combine it with the dances and connects with the steps of the choreography.

That's exactly what I'm pursuing for years in my dance classes here in Berlin with success. Even if some students want to learn the choreography and as they say themselves: "I dance for fun and do not need any dance technique." But without realizing it, but they learn dance technique. Why they suddenly turns succeed where they are always fallen before? Why can quick steps run better than others? They can, because they learn the steps with technology. So every course is a half SOLOdance class with me. It will also soon be a purely SOLOdance class, but for now there is no way in time. Please understand!

Ronnie Grabs