Scoring on Championships

My motto has always been FAIRNESS! I always wanted to be treated fairly and I asked others to do the same. When I was good, I wanted to win. If I've been bad, lose with my head held high. But if a judge "bends" the rules in his favor or I lose just because the "mighty judge" didn't like me, that's unfair. Something like that happened to me too. But this person no longer plays a role in my life, because I pulled the emergency brake myself back then and have been dancing in the UCWDC again since then.

That was also one of the main reasons why I followed the wishes of my friends and became the UCWDC Scorer for Europe. Everyone else also wants to be treated fairly.

Do you want to hold a dance cup, or even a larger dance championship?

I have developed an evaluation program that is based on both the UCWDC medals and the well-known US school grades. In addition, the judges can give feedback on which points the participant still has to work on.

Every competitor receives a printed out evaluation and a certificate. Furthermore, my system can develop a complete mastery. So schedules, lists of participants and subsequent evaluation lists for your website.

- Competitor Registration
- Ballots
- Heat Lists
- Check-in Lists
- Evaluations on the PC
- Scoring Report for each Competitor
- Certificates for Competitor
- Lists for MC

Bonus: Live Stream

If you invite me to your event as scoring directior
I can bring my complete live steam equipment with me.