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Line In Motionaka: Line In Motion


In the years 2002 and 2003 LINE IN MOTION was a very successful social event here in Berlin (GER). However, when Berlin got an official championship, LINE IN MOTION was "unnecessary". Also because it was more difficult for me to win judges for my event.

Some years later LINE IN MOTION run few times in a "light" version resurrected again. It was a one-day line dance party with workshops but without competition. This concept run successfully. Only have several large line dance events increased significantly in recent years and country events die out, so that this concept had decliners numbers.

The last LINE IN MOTION "light" ran in the fall of 2008. There will no more a LINE IN MOTION event.

Berlin Classics


LINE IN MOTION was great line dance events with lots of fun, but it will no longer be in the future. The conception is a little changed and I plan for the future, a similar event with dance competition and workshops.

After so in contrast to the years 2002 - 2003 significantly changed the structure of the line dance world (split of the great World Country Dance Sport Association) it is no longer difficult for me, to win judges or other guests for this possible event. I've already promises excellent dancers and adjudicators.

But currently I'm still waiting on some developments in the line dance world. In these economically difficult years I did not start with such an event.

More information you get here when it happens. Also you can look here: