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The new website is ready. And now we have an English section for all international visitors.

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Thank you for your visit on our website. Here you can find out about line dance and learn dance with Ronnie Grabs in Berlin - Germany ... and of course much more ...

First we want to apologize for our bad English., we hope you understand us all the same. We’ll do our best to change for the better in future.

If you are here to find step sheets of my line dance choreographies: Dances by Ronnie

Or you are visitor to Berlin and would like to visit and dance with us: the Way to us

No matter what age or level, we are all equal! Whether you go to Country and Western Festivals, to line dance parties or want to fly to international championships: We teach you the dances that you can dance everywhere in the world! So why go elsewhere when you can learn line dance correctly from the start with us?! With attitude, clean steps plus a lot of fun ...!

Just ask our dancers: When you dance with good attitude and clean steps, you will have a world of fun – and look much better!

Or maybe you are looking for a coach to train you for line dance competitions. As Line Dance Worldchampion and UCWDC Crown dancer I can coach you and offer you a place to practice. We also organize joint trips to the championships and other major events.

Ronnie Grabs